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Welcome to our online furniture haven!

At ESSEN Studio, we believe in transforming spaces into homes with handpicked, quality furniture. From contemporary elegance to timeless classics, discover a curated collection that blends style and comfort seamlessly. Explore endless possibilities and elevate your living experience with our carefully selected pieces. Your journey to a more stylish and comfortable home begins here at ESSEN Studio.

Your premier destination for exquisite furniture in Yerevan.

At Essen Studio, we take pride in curating a distinctive collection that combines contemporary flair with timeless design. Transform your living spaces with our high-quality furniture pieces that promise both style and comfort. Explore the essence of fine living right here in Yerevan, where every item at Essen Studio is thoughtfully selected to enhance your home. 

Elevate your lifestyle with us – Essen Studio, where Yerevan meets exceptional craftsmanship.

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